IT Locator is the industry’s first vertical search platform which was created by the oldest and leading community of computer solution providers and integrators, The ASCII Group ( to enable ALL solution providers and integrators in our industry to obtain new business and market themselves widely to local end-users, using automatic Geo-IP search technology. It is also the first end user focused site, we believe, that has exclusively created educational content written only by IT practicing experts on specific topics with which the writers have had substantial real world experience.

The value to you in filling out the industry standardized profiling is dramatic. Not only does one solid new lead a year pay for your very small listing fee, if you do not receive such a lead, your second year’s listing will be free! With our growing alliances with major computer industry vendors and media companies such as CBS Interactive (  and others bringing in end-user leads, we are very comfortable in making this guarantee. You will receive quarterly reports on all inquiries to your email or telephone addresses from us and, of course, immediately, as end-users click through to your listing. ALL LEADS AND CLICK THROUGHS OR OTHER ANALYTICS GO ONLY TO THE SELECTED SOLUTION PROVIDER. NO VENDOR HAS ACCESS TO THAT INFORMATION THROUGH ELECTRONIC MEANS OR OTHERWISE.

Perhaps most importantly, as more and more solution providers list, we will all aid, together, purchasers of IT products and integrated solutions to more easily find you AND by putting front and center THE PRIMARY ROLE OF THE SOLUTION PROVIDER in the creation, sale and integration of the final IT solution and educate all end-users on the value and necessity of dealing with a local solution provider and the channel.



  • What is the IT
  • What’s in it for my business?
  • Who runs IT Locator?
  • Where does the solution provider profile come from?
  • How often can I update my profile?
  • What if some of the profile information on my or another solution providers profile in inaccurate?

Claiming and Updating My Profile

  • What information should I add to my profile?

Search Results

  • How are the search results determined?
  • Why does my name show up in search results for another city?
  • Can I alter or buy placement or enhancement in the search results?

Peer Endorsements

  • What are peer endorsements?
  • Why should I get peer endorsements?
  • How do I get peer endorsements?
  • Can I remove an unwanted peer endorsement from my profile?




What is IT

  • is a free website that rates and profiles solution providers to help people and businesses choose the right solution provider. IT makes the process of selecting a solution provider easier by presenting the detailed profile for a growing list of solution provider throughout the United States, Canada and a growing list of countries around the world in a transparent, industry standard format. The process of selecting a solution provider can be very difficult. The transparency provided by the IT Locator aids all consumers of IT products and services.


What’s in it for my business?

  • IT Locator can help you generate new clients, new business, and increase your internet presence by providing you with a free online profile and a mini-web site, which you can update as often as you like. IT Locator can help you stand out with soon to be launched, unbiased ratings, reviews from clients, and the ability to add peer endorsements.IT Locator can also save you time and money in attracting highly qualified clients because our users come to you more informed with confidence, about your detailed capabilities.


Who runs IT Locator?

  • IT Locator was conceived, designed and developed by The ASCII Group Inc. (ASCII) the world’s oldest (founded in 1984), largest independent organization of computer solution providers, VAR’s and integrators with members in every State of the United States, throughout Canada and certain other countries. Technology Net, Inc. owns and operates IT Locator as an independent sister company of ASCII, so that manufacturers, press and the general horizontal search engines can enable all users of IT to more easily find the local expert for their needs.


Where does the solution provider profile come from?

  • Information that solution providers supply to IT Locator forms the bulk of this data. We provide data that we do not control, and we do not verify such information. If you feel that you have found incorrect information on your or another solution providers profile, please let us know. Our goal is to ensure that all data is as accurate, up-to-date, transparent and helpful as possible.


How often can I update my profile?

  • You can update your profile at anytime.


What if some of the profile information on my or another solution providers profile in inaccurate?

  • Our goal is to provide accurate information. If you disagree with something you see on the site, send us an email with yours or the other solutions providers name and addresses, as well as a specific description of the incorrect information.


What information should I add to my profile?

  • Add information to your profile that you would like to share with prospective clients. Search will be by keyword or expertise, including vertical market specialties. In addition, put in your industry certifications, such as CompTIA A+, MCSE, CCNA, HP, Apple, and others.


How are the search results determined?

  • When a user initiates a search, the results are determined by several factors, including the amount of information that we know about you, your geographical location, and your vertical expertise and this matches the specific search detail the end user asks for. Thus, this is a more targeted and useful search for you than available on the general horizontal search engines which have algorithms that list according to preset linkages.


Why does my name show up in search results for another city?

  • When a user searches for solution providers in a particular city we include solution providers located directly in that city as well as those who are very close to the city. This provides the user with a greater selection of solution providers who are still close to their desired location.


Can I alter or buy placement or enhancement in the search results?

  • No. a solution provider’s rank in the search results is based on how well his or her profile information matches the users search criteria. Advertising is completely independent of search results. Search results cannot be influenced by advertising or any other form of payment.We may be offering advertising opportunities for solution providers in the future, who want increased visibility on ITLocator. If you are interested please email us, and we will be in touch with you shortly.


What are peer endorsements?

  • Peer endorsements are endorsements for one solution provider by another solution provider. They are a form of industry recognition and they also allow you to show clients your network. You may remove any endorsement from your profile. However, you must first claim your profile to submit, request, or delete endorsements


Why should I get peer endorsements?

  • Peer endorsements can help you make a positive impression on potential clients by showing them how you are perceived by other solution providers. They also demonstrate that you have access to a well established network of solution providers, if you need assistance.


Can I remove an unwanted peer endorsement from my profile?

  • Yes. You can delete any peer endorsements from the peer endorsements tab of your user profile.


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