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The more valuable ITLocator becomes to users - the more likely it is that you will receive new business. A “vertical search” impartial directory, created by the industry itself, is a more valuable tool than what is generally available today.  The impartial and unbiased uniform profiles we list, make this ecosystem more valuable for you. We review and edit every listing and require that you follow the uniform guidelines so that we all benefit. Further, your particular abilities and specialties will stand out, since the end-users will be assured they are looking at a common standard for all listings.

In addition, the blogs on your listing, answers to the Q&A area of the site and other information you publish, will only help your SEO in general,  to enable you to stand out to all end users. 

IT Locator- Profile Guidelines

A) Primary business must be as a full time computer integrator, solution provider or reseller, not primarily an online e-tailer. The listing is of local businesses that sell to local customers or national or transnational customers desiring local service and integration, either specializing in one or more areas of IT or generalists; is not a list of web sites strictly selling products on the web at the lowest price.

B) Your claimed profiles should be unbiased and should not include blatant sales pitches. End users want to know what your skill sets and experience are in the most objective way, and look to the ITLocator as an objective tool. Profiles that say, for example, we are “the best” or “least expensive” or “have the most experience in Illinois” lessen the credibility for all listings and will be stricken from the listing.

C) Profiles must be unique. To make the ITLocator more valuable to you and end-users alike, it is important to follow these guidelines so we will have unique content and a search tool that will be distinctive. The content you create here and this entire network itself will help you gain new business.

D) Profiles should concisely and clearly describe your company. Write about your history, location and types of services you offer. No general information about the industry. You may mention, for example, among other specialties: networking and telecom; hosting &email; multimedia & graphics; web design & internet; software development; computer hardware and software sales; IT management computer repair; content management; ecommerce; financial software; open source software; shared hosting; web app development; database software; computer repair; IT recruitment; and wireless networking. Of course, you should include the major vertical markets that you serve.

E) Profiles should be written in the third person. The credibility of a third party, industry-created locator is what will give you value and likewise, will be perceived by the end-user as having more transparency. Do not write a sentence, such as, “I do the best work” or “we are the largest in the area”. Only write in the third person.

F) Profiles should not have dates that end certain promotions. We cannot police the timeliness of information. Therefore, do not put in activities that have an ending date since it will look out of date to an end-user at some time.

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