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IT Locator ® and ITLocator.com is owned by TechnologyNet, Inc., an independent company, a subsidiary of ASCII Technology Holdings, Inc. (ATH). The major operating subsidiary of ATH is The ASCII Group, Inc. (www.ASCII.com), founded in 1984 and is the world’s oldest and largest group of independent computer solution providers and integrators, with members located in every State of the United States and throughout Canada, providing products and services to clients ranging from small to medium business, Fortune 500 companies, as well as governments and educational institutions in the United States, Canada, the UK and other countries.

The purpose of the ITLocator is to twofold:

  • First, enable local users (home, business, government or educational) of IT products and integrated services to search and connect, immediately, with experienced local businesses specializing in the specific needs of the user. With internet technologies rapidly expanding around the world, bandwidth increasing even in rural areas and competing desktop, mobile devices and wireless operating systems growing, it is more important than ever to have a local computer solution provider as a trusted advisor who is ready at moment’s notice to solve any problems that arise; for business it can be crucial and this tool is structured to assure you the best method of connecting to the IT Industry for all of your need.
  • Second, to publish we feel that for the first time on one site, IT advice that will be available only from experienced IT experts that are in the in the field every day that will talk from real, practical experience on what the best solutions are for your specific needs.  Only the independent computer solution provider participating in an industry neutral and transparent site has the fiduciary responsibility to judge what it best in class in terms of products and services for the needs of a user of IT.

Most search today is horizontal by the large search engines. The data is obtained from web sites of creators of those sites, much of such data is advertising driven and the algorithms just determine rank. IT Locator is a vertical search and our algorithms use proprietary data that is industry created, using a standard format so the user is assured of obtaining a better search result with a higher quality filter.

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